JOB DURATION:1 1/2 years
JOB DESCRIPTION:See Full Job Description

Skype and/or phone interviews are not available.
All work is conducted on-site in Baltimore, MD.

Position: SQL Server DBA
Work Location: On-Site in Baltimore
Interview Location: On-Site in Baltimore, MD.


DK Consulting Overview:
Founded in May 2003, DK Consulting, LLC, a woman-owned small business, was formed to provide management and technology solutions based on industry best practices. DK Consulting, LLC works with multiple State, Federal, and Commercial customers, and our services range from providing customers with that one ‘critical resource’ to assuming responsibility for an entire IT project. We maintain exceptional past performance and provide a personal touch to account management that is rarely seen in the industry today. Some of our awards include:

DK Consulting’s CEO Named One of the Top Female CEOs in Baltimore by SmartCEO Magazine - 2015!

DK Consulting Recognized in Inc. Magazine’s Top 5000 List – 2012, 2016, 2017, 2018!

              DK Consulting Awarded Top 100 MBE’s in 2017 by CRMSDC!


  • Must have six (6) years of experience in DBMS systems analysis and programming.
  • At least three (3) years of experience in using current DBMS technologies, application design utilizing various database management systems and experience with DBMS internals.
  • Ensure that SQL Server databases are updated with the latest security and server patches.
  • Document security procedures and provide access to this document only to authorized personnel as specified by the client manager.
  • Analyze and evaluate the security procedures for each mission-critical system in compliance with the security standards.
  • Perform database security checks and manage database securities.
  • Create and implement plans for system security to include various technologies involving data security, auditing, and potential security threats for each of the mission critical systems.
  • Maintain the security and integrity of the data in each of the databases. This includes the security and integrity of data access policies, standards and methods for recovering databases, as well as developing recovery plans.
  • Minimize data losses and system downtime and develop backup routines for databases and the data.
  • Develop standardized application security procedures for the databases and applications.
  • Design and implement data and application security policies and procedures in compliance with the security standards.
  • Create and maintain a SQL Server test environment for testing application changes, patch implementation, and upgrading the software.
  • Configure and tweak hardware and software supporting the databases.
  • Perform integration testing, interface testing, creation and restoration of server images, as well as develop and deliver implementation plans for migrating changes from the test environment to the production environment.
  • Install and upgrade SQL Server and other related software as needed for mission critical systems.
  • Create database and software maintenance plans to document effective upgrade and maintenance activities. Implement this plan and update it regularly.
  • Provide hardware and software specifications for various systems as requested by the client manager.
  • Coordinate database interface activities with other data processing units and business partners.
  • Review and approve/disapprove database designs for new or enhanced systems.
  • Configure backup jobs to run according to the existing schedules as well as ensure that the backups ran appropriately.
  • Restore data files and tables from previous backups, as needed.
  • Develop and maintain scripts to monitor the database backups.
  • Troubleshoot database connectivity and backup issues.
  • Work with other vendors, developers, users, management, and operators as needed for the project.
  • Prepare and implement a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan for the SQL Server based systems.
  • Create and update migration schedules and associated plans to minimize the impact to production environments and database downtime.
  • Collect data dictionary information for the MS Access 2000 Databases.
  • Conduct random health checks on the databases, review performance, and prepare performance reports.
  • Assist the business administrators regarding database issues, errors, and improvements, as well as work with the users and programmers to develop and tune SQL Queries.
  • Conduct routine maintenance tasks for the database servers including deleting log files, removing dump files, correcting errors, managing disk space, and resizing files.
  • Create repeatable processes for upgrading, testing, and maintaining the databases and systems.
  • Our staff will monitor the systems and databases to ensure that they are performing at the minimum performance allowable.
  • Monitor performance and implement changes, modifications, and enhancements to tune the databases.
  • Perform capacity planning and assess the needs of the users, data storage, reliability, and scalability.
  • Prepare reports both statistical and narrative for performance reporting, contract activities, and special projects.
  • Troubleshoot problems related to data availability, recoverability, accessibility, storage, flow, and standardization.
  • Research, test, document, and recommend various database technologies to improve, enhance, or support the databases and associated systems.
  • Coordinate the installation and implementation of database software and related tools with appropriate vendors, staff, and system users.
  • Develop and implement new database policies, procedures, and standards.
  • Attend and hold status meetings with ITG Management for various projects.
  • Provide SQL Server and Access expertise as needed.
  • Attend internal meetings as requested by the client manager. These meetings may include network engineers, project managers, business experts, senior management, and end-users.
  • Work in cooperation with the networking contractor, support staff, and other contractors to ensure project success.
  • Create and review CCRs, WBS', Implementation Plans, and Testing Plans for SQL Server and Access Database projects.
  • Create and provide appropriate input for each monthly status report.
  • Create and review SQL Server hardware and software requirements and specifications.
  • Work with technical and nontechnical staff to understand user and organizational needs, and to develop scalable databases to meet functional requirements.
  • If necessary, liaise with third-party support and vendors.
  • Provide guidance to junior members of the team as required.
  • Attend meetings as requested by client management.
  • Other related duties as assigned by client management.
  • Perform risk/issue identification and analysis.
  • Participate as directed by management and staff in the full System Development Lifecycle (SDLC) processes.
  • Attend and facilitate meetings necessary for proper communication among DK Consulting, client staff, and other contractors.
  • Prepare concise and detailed status reports.
  • Follow the processes and procedures as developed by the client.
  • Ensure effective communication with staff including end-users, technical staff, and management.
  • Work with Client in a professional, appropriate, timely, accurate, and proactive manner.
  • Attend mandatory training sessions as requested by management.
  • Adhere to email, internet, phone, and communication protocols.
  • Deliver acceptable, well-formatted, informative, and clearly documented presentations and project deliverables.
  • Provide positive work environments for Client staff, DK Consulting staff, and other contractors.
Preferred Experience:
  • Cornerstone LMS
  • Oracle Database
  • Legacy System Migration 
Education: A Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university with a major in Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering, Business, or other related scientific or technical discipline or three (3) years of equivalent experience in a related field.


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